Chicken & Waffles at The Waffle Wagon

Arkansas summer has begun. And for us downtown Little Rock workers, that means Food Truck Fridays! This week, we hit it up to celebrate Lilly‘s birthday and have a mini reunion with some old co-workers/friends. With hunger on the stomach and food on the mind, the bee line to The Waffle Wagon truck was kind of a give-in.

Now when it comes to food trucks, I definitely struggle with what to try. It’s not that I’m picky, I just like a lot of things. After some discussion with my friends and asking the lovely lady at the window just how spicy the chicken is, we all decided on the straight up chicken and waffles.

They call it “The Baby” and it’s pretty delicious. They take two marinated chicken tenders hand-battered and fried, throw them atop a Belgian waffle, douse it all in syrup, and hand it over in a little pizza box. Oh and of course, it’s all made-to-order. So it’s hot and sweet and fresh with a dash of spice.


A salty seasoning with a cajun kick blankets the juicy chicken tenders to create a perfect contrast for sweet maple syrup and fluffy waffles. Just enough crunch from the seasoning still allows for smooth cutting and a quick into-the-mouth experience. I dabbled my crispy chicken in the puddles of syrup and squares of fluffy baked batter and they struck my tongue like nothing else.


I’ve had chicken and waffles before. Honestly, the first time I saw them on a menu I laughed. But they’re really becoming a thing and I think the Waffle Wagon is doing it right. There’s a unique flavor to the chicken that’s just enough balance of flavor and spice. Most chicken tenders I’ve had (with waffles) were over-cooked or over-breaded. But here, I could taste the chicken and differentiate it from the waffle. The waffle was fresh and fluffy and I have no complaints about the syrup. Even with the sun beating down on us on this early June day, I was able to taste the flavors and enjoy the experience. On another note, good customer service. I received multiple smiles from the workers. Local food is pretty awesome when you can treat yourself to it. You go, Arkansas!



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