Biscuits & Gravy with Iced Coffee at Mugs Café

We parked off Main Street a little after 8 in the morning. The cloud coverage kept the sun at bay and it was a pleasant walk from the car up the Argenta strip. My initial reaction walking into Mugs Café was that the interior was deeper than I perceived. I guess you can only see things at face value until you investigate. There’s something to keep in mind when you’re deciding what to display in the front window of your coffee shop.

Renée and I stepped into the modern café and over to the counter. I was thankful for the line because it takes me awhile to make decisions- especially when food is involved. I chose the biscuits and gravy and an iced coffee. After hearing great things about their coffee, I couldn’t leave without tasting some. And with it being June in Arkansas, cold was the way to go.

We gave the counter lady our names, grabbed our mason jars of deep brown, and made our way over to the sugar and cream. The inside tables were filled up by that time so we shuffled around and eventually decided to check out front. There was a little round table for two right by the window and the weather was just perfect enough for coffee-sipping and girl talk.

When our meals were ready, I brought them to the table, snapped some shots, and dove right in. The biscuit was warm and flaky with just enough balance of buttery goodness and fluffy bread. It wasn’t dry or clumpy- which is excellent in my book. It fell apart in just the right way- without crumbling to pieces and turning to mush. The sausage was seasoned and cooked properly. The eggs were light and soft. They didn’t run or crunch. Nothing was over or under-cooked.

The gravy wasn’t super thick and was seasoned just right to complement the sausage and scrambled eggs. The hot food went well with the coffee I sweetened with sugar water. And green onions? A perfect little speck of flavor and color to tie this together. Although I can’t fully speak for Renée, she had the breakfast burrito and approved of its goodness and is a big fan of the iced coffee herself.

As we stuffed our tummies and caught up on each other’s lives, more and more people entered the café. It was really nice to see the community out on a Saturday morning. Bikers and families and single people all gathered for good food and coffee. Some trailed over to the produce market a few blocks away. It was just a lovely little experience. And those wicker chairs were pretty comfortable- even as our stomachs expanded with good things.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


The iced coffee was great. The flavor definitely stood out and it wasn’t watered down at all. I’m officially a fan of the Kyoto drip. It really went well with the hot gravy and biscuits. The biscuits, like I said, were excellent. They didn’t crumble and they weren’t too thick or hard to delve in to. The eggs were fluffy and the gravy wasn’t overpowering or drowning any of the other foods. The sausage was cooked to my liking and would have been a little salty on its own- but with the gravy and eggs, it was just enough pop of flavor. It all left my tummy satisfied. And it didn’t lump.

The design of Mugs is contemporary and modern. It has a clean feel to it with dark wooden tables and accents of metal. The interior is white and has dark furniture. There are some couches in the back near a little stage. I liked the little tables out front that we sat at. It really gave it a café vibe. See, guys? Arkansas can be cute and trendy.



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