Slow-Cooker Chicken Tacos

It was July 1st (Canada Day) 2015. The sun was was working overtime and I was thankful for air conditioning. As Wednesday became evening, the excitement of a 3-day weekend was on our minds. So it only made sense to have a dinner and movie night to kick things off. And what’s more American and Canadian than a spin off of Mexican food that you can can throw in a slow-cooker for the day?

After shuffling through a few recipes I found a chicken taco winner! As usual, my version is slightly different. But you can check out the original recipe here.

2 pounds of bone-in & skinned chicken breasts or thighs
1 roughly chopped onion
2 packages of taco seasoning (I used 1 regular flavor and 1 spicy).
1 to 2 teaspoons of chili powder (I used 2).
1 can of diced tomatoes (14.5oz)
1 can of water* (I used the aluminum tomato can).
1 package of small flour tortillas (I prefer little flour ones to corn).

Topping & side ideas:
black beans
cheddar cheese
cheese dip
hot sauce
sour cream

Really difficult instructions:
Place chicken (mine was still frozen) in a large 5 or 6-quart slow cooker. Top with the onion, taco seasoning, chile powder, and canned tomatoes (un-drained).

*I added a can or so of water because I had to leave the slow cooker going longer than the 4-6 hours and didn’t want the chicken to burn out. Original instructions say to leave it going 3-4 hours on HIGH or 4-6 hours on LOW. I left mine 10 hours on LOW. So if you plan on following the original, extra liquid isn’t needed. I just took precaution.

After your hours of slow cooking have passed, shred the chicken with two forks. It’ll fall right off the bones. Pile some on a tortilla, jazz it up with some toppings, and enjoy! Add more chile powder or some hot sauce if your taco needs a kick.

Serves: 12

These were a pretty good hit with the ladies and myself. On weeknights, easy recipes are the best for tired an hungry bellies. I hit mine up with some rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, and hot sauce. I threw some of the cooked onions and tomatoes on as well. The chicken was the furthest you can get from dry and soaked in just enough seasoning. If I can make them on a day where I don’t have to be out of the house for 10 hours, I’ll try the recipe without the water and see how much more flavor it gets.



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