Pork Dumplings at Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co.

Cloud coverage in July is something I love. Another thing I love? Dumplings! So a combination of these + fabulous company made for a splendid lunch outing. With her days in Arkansas numbered, Lilly is hitting up as many food places as possible before moving. We met Mary at Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. to do some reminiscing and chow down on some good eats.

As you walk in, follow the signs to the back. Yeah, it’s a little misleading that you go to the back of the joint to order, but that makes for nice window seating. I guess we can make the sacrifice. I like the simple menu. Basically you can get noodles, dumplings, or steamed buns- and you choose the meat and spice level of your dish.

The decor is metal and modern with white subway tiles and a warm touch of wood. I liked the sunflowers on the tables- a hint of summer color. The restaurant has an open floor plan feel with tastefully placed walls that allow for some privacy. I absolutely love the exposed brick, guys. I’m a sucker for that kind of contrast element.

I came in knowing I wanted dumplings. This was my second time eating here and I hadn’t tried them yet and people have totally been raving about how good they are allover social media. When it comes to dumplings, pork is my general go-to. And being the somewhere-in-the-middle kind of person I am, I chose medium spicy sauce. No extremes but nothing bland, thanks!

Chopsticks in hand (and a fork just in case), I carried my tray of ice water and dumplings over to the trendy table Lilly picked out by the window. She had apparently ordered the same thing. Mary soon joined us with a steamed bun and carrot slaw.

I was in love at first bite. Soy sauce soaked the base of the bowl, with spicy sauce on top of the dumplings. They were hot (temperature-wise) and perfectly plump. I found myself cutting them in half because 1. those little guys are heavy and packed with meat 2. I am not a chopstick expert and my wrists are too weak for heavy things. They were slipping all over! I did refer to my fork for cutting purposes.


The atmosphere was cool and clean and the dumplings were ready to grab when you walk up to the counter. At first, we weren’t sure if there’d be enough food to fill our tummies- but there was more than enough. I was stuffed! The flavor of the dumplings wasn’t overpowering and the spicy sauce gave it that kick it needed. The soy sauce wasn’t overly salty and only added to the pork flavor.

Aesthetically, as you can see, the colors are quite pleasing to the eye. The food likes showing itself off and is just begging to be chowed down on. We noticed that Three Fold really does the lunch business. We got there around 11:30 and made great timing with getting our food and having time to chat. In just half an hour they had a pretty decent line of people. The location being downtown near a bunch of offices definitely works to their advantage. People were grabbing to-go orders and sipping bubble tea all over the place! It seems like they know what they’re doing. Keep it up, Little Rock!



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