Macarons from Ladurée

With a crumpled map in hand, five lovely ladies and I found ourselves walking the streets of Paris. We filled our bellies at a café by the Eiffel Tower and made out to find French macarons. Although we never technically got lost, we did work up a sweat marching up and down the streets- as it was quite sunny that day. Help came in the form of a shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch model who spoke perfect English and sent us down the strip to Ladurée.


The exterior of the building was enchanting. A creamy brick exterior accented with mint green and gold looked like something right out of a fairy tale. And it was hard to miss because so many people were bee-lining to this eloquent place.


The shop windows were full of color and charm. Rainbow towers of macarons and fancy packages added cheer to the big glass windows. Candies and cookies and all kinds of magical things were to be had!


This interior was nothing shy of enchanting. I couldn’t take too many pictures because it was packed with people in line. But just imagine decorative French paintings and pastel wallpapers. From wall to ceiling- light colors laced with gold accents pampered your senses. And then the sweets and treats were art pieces themselves!


Our journey was a success. I scrambled out of there with my first 6 French macarons. Left to right: coffee, chocolate, Marie Antoinette Tea, salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla.


When we made it back to our hotel, I opened the little window by my cot and ate four of them. The warm breeze and sunshine in the quiet of the day was perfect atmosphere for macaron munching. All of them were soft and flavorful but my favorite was the coffee. 🙂 I ate the last two after dinner. Unfortunately they wouldn’t have survived beyond a day or I would have taken tons home.