Root Benny & Toasted Caramel Iced Coffee at The Root Café

Early mornings on the edge of spring are some of my favorite things. The weather is perfect at sunrise- not too chilly or humid. And the ones filled with sunshine are seemingly rare and gorgeous after the long winter months- perfect for outdoor dining with the people you love.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve really taken a liking to the SoMa (South side of Main Street) area of Little Rock. It has become one of my favorite places to be on a weekend morning. Whether it’s the Bernice Farmer’s Market you’re scoping out for fresh vegetables and flowers, Boulevard Bread for some fresh loaves, or The Green Corner Store for some natural essentials, I’m a fan of walking around and soaking in some goodness amidst the city.

On this particular breaking of the fast, we hit up The Root Café. Now, I’ve been to The Root many times for burgers and their fabulous sweet potato fries. But this was my first time to try breakfast. As we waited in line by the hand-written drink menu filled with beverages of floral and sweet origin, I was drawn to the toasted caramel iced coffee. For food, I decided on a Root Benny.


The Root Benny was a plate of two farm-fresh poached eggs served over bed of local, seasonal greens with Grass Roots ham and topped with hollandaise sauce. There was also some crunchy toast.


The eggs were warm and soft and perfectly poached. The sauce was creamy and a nice contrast to the bitter greens. The ham, tender and salty. I only wish I had some more sauce to cover it in.

The coffee was flawlessly sweetened. It had an essence of caramel flavor but wasn’t overpowering. I’m not really sure how you toast caramel… but by all means, please keep it up! It was refreshing, caffeinated me, and perfectly complimented a hot breakfast.