Chicken Salad Croissant & Caramel Macchiato at Zetêo Coffee

The beginning of June is the most acceptable part of summer for me. The air is warm and still on the brink of humidity. Bright blue skies highlight the days and colors can still be found in the flowers from spring. So on this lovely Saturday, a toasty feeling of excitement gripped us as Stormy and I danced it up at the gym and went to lunch at a new coffee joint.

Zetêo Coffee makes up a corner of downtown Conway- dressed in an exterior of white brick and glass. Their interior is a modern-industrial minimalist design with exposed bricks and metal. At first entry, the venue appeared quaint- like something you’d find tucked away in a Brooklyn neighborhood. But past the greyscale couch and clean-lined tables, there’s also private rooms for larger groups.


This local hangout is aesthetically on trend for a college town. But do the drinks and food vibe properly with the atmosphere? Zetêo offers a breakfast and lunch menu along with: tea and coffee drinks, smoothies, and Loblolly ice cream.

I definitely had to try some coffee. So despite the outside heat, I went with a caramel macchiato. The baristas were friendly and soon I had a cup of wonder in front of me. It was hot and smooth and full of more sugar than I probably needed- basically dessert in a cup. The liquid blended nicely with the caramel flavor and froth on top. It wasn’t too sweet and there was a definitive coffee essence to it.


Since it was lunchtime, I also opted for a chicken salad croissant with sweet-herb chips. The croissant was soft and flaky with just the right buttery flavor to compliment the creamy chicken salad. The chips were ruffled potato chips with a sweet dry seasoning dusted on top. It was different tasting sweetness where my mouth was used to salt. But nevertheless, enjoyable.


Overall, it was a great first experience. We had plenty of time to relax and enjoy one another’s company without pressure to clear out quickly. I’ll definitely be back for some good coffee and chat time in the future. 🙂