Tacos & Queso at Tacos 4 Life

As the street taco trend continues to thrive, few of us turn down an opportunity to try our taste buds on the next big thing. So when Tacos 4 Life popped up in two locations in Conway- the hype was big! But what makes these unique pop-ups even more satisfying than filling our tummies is how they lend a hand to countries beside our own.

Tacos 4 Life has locations in Fayetteville, Conway, and Little Rock (Arkansas). So after years of hearing about this restaurant that pairs with Feed My Starving Children (to provide rice meals for children in Swaziland, Africa, and Honduras), I finally got to try it.

The menu has so many delicious combinations to pick from. I tried a hard shell and a soft shell- some fish and shrimp. The mango salsa was fresh and sweet. The pico de gallo was pumped with flavor. And the sauce was simply scrumptious!

The cheese dip was up to par as well. And the lime rice? —fluffy with just enough flavor. 🙂 If the tacos weren’t amazing on their own, I would have gladly gotten by  on just the queso and rice.

I’m excited to hit this place up again. The prices were reasonable and the food was exceptional. I honestly didn’t have any expectations going in but was pleasantly surprised at the colors, presentation, and overall taste. I love what you’re doing, guys! Keep it up.




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